Thembi Seete pays tribute to Lebo Mathosa – It’s painful knowing that you are gone



Thembi Seete paid tribute to her friend and former group member Lebo Mathosa. Remembring her death and all surrounding it she realized it was 12 years Lebo departed the earth, though it felt like yesterday.

Lebo died on 23 October 2006 in a car crash. The singer, along with Thembi, Junior Sokhela and Theo Nhlengethwa made up popular group Boom Shaka.

Thembi shared a touching message on her social media saying; “I can’t believe it’s been 12 years, I think time flies really fast. It’s 12 years but yet it still feels like it happened yesterday. It is painful knowing that you are gone. Your spirit has protected, inspired me and really helps me not give up.”

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