Watch: Zodwa Wabantu – ‘My boyfriend is not my handbag’



Zodwa Wabantu flaunts photos and videos of herself with boo, Ntobeko Linda loving up all the way, though in a recent interview she opened up that her boyfriend is not her handbag as she’s learnt to be there for him and her son whenever she’s off business.

“I’m a very busy woman and as a woman many people might even say I’m selfish because I am always working, you know in demand. But what I try to do now is to ensure that every second I have to attend to my boyfriend or my son, I do so. Hence people will see us all the time together. It’s not that I take him to work, it’s that whenever I am free I am with him.” She said.

“My boyfriend is not a handbag; why should he go everywhere I go? No, work is work and home is home. Just like any job sometimes they sponsor my trips to places I’ve never been before like Zambia and then I take him along because he’s never been there and I’ve never been there. It becomes an experience we share. As long as it’s sponsored why should he stay behind and miss an opportunity to experience something new?”

Recently, a video of Zodwa and Ntobeko went viral as they shared kiss. Following that, the dancer shared a video of herself dancing seductively with boo… Have a watch here:

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