Emtee – ‘I don’t really have a celebrity friend’



Emtee the hustler is in Ghana for the AFRIMA and he’s got a message for his Insta followers, on why he isn’t respected in South Africa. While trying to explain the reason behind why he is being disrespected, he revealed he doesn’t really have a celebrity friend.

The rapper said he was asked why he isn’t respected in down South and he responded saying that back home in SA, some people are full of disappointment and he’s used to it. He added that he’s being through a lot but his job is to make music.

He said that he’s blessed beyond measures compared to 3 years back. He added that he enjoys his own company that’s why he doesn’t really have a celebrity friend.

However, he once shared a snap of himself and AKA, in which he called the Fela In Versace hitmaker his family and idol.

In his words, he shared this on social media: “Somebody said; “They don’t respect you down south, why?” Me; Back, home some niggas is full of shit but I’m used to it. My job is making music. The rest is just what it comes with. Been through a lot. I’m blessed beyond measure compared to 3 years ago so fuck em. ”

“Lately I enjoy my own company. Till this Day i don’t really have a celebrity friend. Maybe I’m not cool enough for some people but my supporters love me as I am. I know some rappers that don’t have what I have. Family to keep me down to earth, my supporters who motivate me and listen to WTF I’m sayin on these songs, prayer and self knowledge. Nobody ever pulled up on me with no street shit. It’s always been internet shit. Totally meaningless and safe … FOR THEM.”

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