Read: The many questions that revealed Thembi Seete as Prince Kaybee’s crush


Prince Kaybee revealed on his Insta story that Actress Thembi Seete is his crush, while many wonders if this is true as they’ve not being really seen together.

The DJ took to his Instagram and gave his fans the opportunity to ask him any question and he’s willing to give answers to the questions.

Some of the questions asked was:

1.Which woman in SA is your crush?

2.The weirdest thing a fan has done to you?

3. What is your biggest fear in life

4.Are you and Cassper cool?

5. Do you know that the gay community seem to think that you are homophobic.

In response to these question, he revealed that Thembi Seete is his crush. Concerning the gay community’s thought, he said he actually wants a gay friend. About the hitch with Cassper, he revealed that he has never had anything against the rapper.

Prince’s greatest fear is to be cheated on.

Here are snaps of his Insta stories of the questions asked:

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