AKA’s confident about getting roasted on Comedy Central



AKA is gonna get roasted at the Central Comedy next year and he’s so confident about this.

While the rapper tries to pull up some manly manner about getting roasted, Twitter goes wild on this, hoping the rapper doesn’t get burnt afterwards. Although, AKA’s roast is one of the trending news on social media at the moment.

Despite the beef he’s got with other celebrities,  including Cassper who he refers to as “the other guy”, the Super Mega said that, “every roast before this was just practice. Take a seat, bon appetite.”

Most of the celebs he’s got beef with will be among the Comedy Central panel

However, Tweeps can’t keep their chill as they let it all out before the main day which is the 21st day in February, 2019.

Tweets be like:

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