Read: Tol Ass Mo suggests conceiving a last child to his wife



Comedian Tol Ass Mo and wify, Mrs Mome are an inspiration to many coming up family in SA.

Tol’s family looks quite amazing and their latest family snaps spoke so much love and unity.

While they just had their 3rd child, the comedian suggests to his wife in a cute way of conceiving the last child. But their second child, Khumo’s response will get you amazed.

That seem quite teasing to Mome and a joke.

“Hubby knows how much I love fresh flowers … Then he says the sunflowers represents our friendship ? just when I was about to say thank u he says we must just have the last born ? how so @teamo_mahlangu …the nerve @khumopanda says oh Don’t Tell me u raising another child it better be a boy so @rockstarorca can leave her and TeAmo alone.”

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