Saudi pens down emotional message to girlfriend



Saudi celebrates girlfiend on Instagram as he pens down emotional and heart melting message to girlfriend.

The rap star is grateful to her, as he spoke of how she’s being there for him when others turned their backs at him. He ends his message with the breath taking 3 words, “I love you”.

“Life’s taught me to always go with my first thought. & I’m ashamed to say I really didn’t think you’d still “LOVE” me when this life thing goes left, I’ll admit I was dead wrong. When I didn’t have anybody calling to ask how I’m really doing, when everyone could see I’m in a ditch and they looked the other way. When ain’t nobody fcuk with me and I assumed they would cause I desperately needed them too, (Just like I was always there for them) You called me every night and did every&anything you possibly could not just to keep me smiling but you did any&everything you could to better the state I was in, You did any&everything you could to help.. you did and still do anything you possibly can do to see me do better, made me believe in myself and kept me in a positive & healthy space and state of mind. Thank you. These three letters can’t describe the way I feel about you nor my gratitude for being such a beautiful person and a beam of light in my life. For being pillar of strength, For being my best friend and for being mine. nonetheless.. I. Love. You. Nthabiseng.”

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