Demi-Leigh on 2019 keep-fit goal



Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters revealed how she’s gonna make sure she keeps fit this year.

The beauty queen reflected on her journey as Miss Universe 2017, when she had to travel from country to country, eating different dish. she said it was hard keeping a healthy balance.

However, she’s got the time now, since she’s crowned her successor. In a lengthy note, she revealed how she’s gonna make sure, she keeps fit.

“I love setting goals and having something to work towards. Last year was a once in a lifetime whirlwind of a year that I’ll always treasure. Between constantly traveling, experiencing new countries, cultures and the food that goes with it all it was hard to keep a healthy balance. This year I’ve set a goal of being more consistent with keeping fit and healthy instead of healthy crash courses. Best way I’ve discovered that works for me is to set times in my diary to do a workout and to treat it like a meeting with…”

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