Demi-Leigh to Tim Tebow – “I have no idea what I’d do without you”


Former Miss SA/Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel Peters gushed over her husband, Tim Tebow.

Since the start of the lockdown the two have been their lockdown partner with their pets.

Taking to Instagram, Demi penned down how supportive Tim has been during her hardship, especially as she mourns her baby sister.

“Some days I have no idea what I’d do without you @timtebow. Today was one of those days,” she said.

“My baby sister, Franje, went to Heaven today exactly a year ago. I miss her every day and today should just be another day in the calendar but for some reason this specific day pulls more on my heartstrings than yesterday or the day before. I guess there’s just something special about specific days and dates. It took me until 3h30pm to gain enough courage to call my parents because every time I tried hitting face time, tears just started flowing.”

“I tried getting dressed up this morning because putting on a pretty outfit, earrings, mascara and a lippie usually makes me feel better. Not today. Today all I wanted was to sleep, eat, and binge watch every This is Us episode so I didn’t need to think about this day. I didn’t though. I tried keeping busy by being productive and getting work done. “

“Tim came to check up on me just about every 20min. He’d just pick me up on his lap and hold me. By the 5th time he came to check up on me he brought me excedrin and a puppy 🐶 It helped! Excedrin for my headache and our puppy for the heartache. 🤍 Timmy, thank you for being the most incredible partner in the great days but even more in the awful days. I love you.”

“I’m so grateful for you and I appreciate you so much. I have learned that if you state a situation you should always provide a solution to your audience – guys… my only solution is that my little sister is so immensely loved here on Earth and in Heaven, that her life had purpose and that we can have so much power in the promise of the life that awaits us in Heaven. Can’t wait to see you again someday my baba sussie.”


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Some days I have no idea what I’d do without you @timtebow. Today was one of those days. My baby sister, 

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