Prince Kaybee – “Every feature that I’ve done has created jobs…”


Prince Kaybee reveals how he’s opened the industry for upcoming artists, adding that he’s also created job opportunities.

The DJ poured out his heart on how helping people’s career has been his best ever feeling. He went further saying, that he’s made it his vision to always feature in artists songs in other to cause a break through for them in their career, despite he didn’t get that kind of chance.

“Best feeling ever is to help someones career by just a feature, looking at them grow and bookings coming in, every feature that I’ve done has created jobs because after the feature the artist hires a Road Manager, Booking Agent, Manager, Lawyer, Publicist and more!”

“This is a side of music that is fulfilling, no one gave me that kind of a chance, no feature, NOTHING. I did a song called “Better Days” and God decided then but I have made it part of my vision to feature artists that are trying to push so that its easier atleast to break in.” Prince tweeted.

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