Cassper brings down Lauryn Hill for Nicki Minaj



SA famous rapper, Cassper Nyovest had series of tweet, defending American female rapper, Nicki Minaj as the greatest female rapper of all time.

While trying to paint Nicki to the world as the best, he pulls down American singer and rapper, Lauryn Hill, saying:

“All i said is, Nicki did it. She did that. She got a chance to wash them and she did it. Its written. Nobody did it like her and nobody ever will. Lauryn hill is a signer who could rap really well and she wrote timeless songs but she’s not the greatest female rapper of all time.”

The Kwaito rapper had a lot to say about Nicki, here are some of what he tweeted:

“The greatest female rapper of all time!!!! No doubt!!! Y’all need to start putting respect on Nicki Minaj name and stop going by the hype.”

“Firstly, its NICKI MINAJ!!!! Spell her name right cause she’s the GOAT!!! Rapsody and Young Ma can rap their asses off but they don’t amount to half the artist Nicki is and she can can rap with them to too. She washed Kanye, Jay Z and Rick Ross on the same song. Respect her!!!”

“Nicki Minaj washed Jay Z on Monster. Jay one of my favorite rappers by the way but Nicki took it home. No female emcee had ever done that and no female emcee will ever do that.”

However, Cassper feels successful rappers ain’t respected as they ought to. he expressed his views here:

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