Could this be Minnie Dlamini’s April fool stunt?



Media personality, Minnie Dlamini shared a photo of herself with 2 friends by her side on Instagram. And she placed a big heart on her belly, like she’s hiding something.

However, the simple photo with no catchy caption kept her fans on their toes, as they were wondering if she’s pregnant or it’s just an April fool stunts, which is always done on the 1st of April.

Comments be like:

Meanwhile, Mrs Jones had shunned pregnancy speculations weeks back. Saying, she’s trusting God for the arrival of her offspring.

“Business is going well…Let’s trust in God’s timing for the arrival of my offspring. We also need to be cognizant of how insensitive it is to speculate about pregnancy. You don’t know my journey or what I’ve been through or go through. Let’s just think before we tweet please.” Minnie tweeted.

However, it’s glaring that Minnie’s fans desperately want to see her offspring.

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