Busiswa – DJ Zinhle inspires me



Busiswa took time to eulogize one of SA’s best female DJ Zinhle on Instagram after gracing the DJ’s house warming party.

Looking at all Busi said about Mama Kairo, we can definitely say she’s such a huge inspiration to successful stars and upcoming artists in the industry.

In a lengthy form, Busiswa said:
“I can’t begin to express how inspired I am by this lady right here @djzinhle I remember my first ever performances in the music industry I travelled half of Southern Africa under the leadership & mentorship of this Queen, singing one song only “My Name Is”. I learnt how to carry myself in interviews, at gigs from you. I learnt how to smile & be graceful when it’s time for that; and how to boss up & deliver a b*tch face when it’s time for that. But I also remember hearing a black woman talk about buying & owning land & property in 2012 already. I’ve heard & seen your ups & downs to get to this point & nothing is more inspiring than watching a dream, a vision come to life insuch a concrete way (pun intended). I almost shed a tear standing in your balcony realising music can take one this far & beyond. Here’s to holiday homes, overseas properties & MORE BIG HITS!! I love you & I thank God for showing the fruits of hard work, focus & prayer through you.”

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