Sjava – “Fame has caused a lot of problems between me and my partner”


Sjava spilled out the fault in fame and how it’s cost him some relationships during an interview with TshishaLIVE.

“There’s a lot of things that happen behind closed doors. On the outside people don’t know that my career may be going well but the side effect (fame) means my life is not going as well. That’s why if you look at many relationships of people in the public eye, they hardly ever work out. It is because of the strain (of fame).”

The star and Lady Zamar got trending weeks back after the This is Love hitmaker revealed that they’ve been in a 2 years romantic relationship but, called it off a month ago.

“Yeah we dated from June 2017 and ended things March 2019… That’s all so y’all can stop with the questions..Yes he denied it to the media but that’s coz we wanted it to be a private thing… Cats out the bag I guess.. such a pity it had to come out this way.” Zamar tweeted.

During the interview, this is all Sjava had to say:

“Yes, I was thinking about it (marriage) but now because of this fame thing, there’s now a lot of things to consider. It (fame) has caused a lot of problems between me and my partner.”

“For example, if I say, ‘guys I can’t come for the interview because I promised my girl a date’, you guys will be angry and think I’m unprofessional. If I cancel the date and go to interviews, she’ll be mad and not understand. So now, either way, I’m a bad guy. All those things take something away from me as a person but you will never see that. But at the end of the day, it is what it is.”

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