Pearl Thusi laughed off Ntsiki’s trolling act – Read details here



Pearl Thusi and Ntsiki got their names popping on Twitter over the weekend as they had tons of tweets pointing towards eachother and curiously some fans were disturbed to know what broke out between the 2 personalities.

Despite deleting some of their tweets, it was observed that Ntsiki came on board over the weekend with her usual act of talking about a celebrity.

This time around it was about Khnaya Mkangisa whom she compared with Pearl Thusi.

Over the week, Khanya was confirmed by her lawyer to have been arrested for drinking and driving and a video relating to the same case has gone viral.

While the controversial poet felt cool to intrude, it turned out unpleasant.

However, the thespian reacted with some laughing emoji then went on spilling whatever though she’s got towards Ntsiski, though, Pearl emphasized that her fans should show Ntsiki some love but the poet saw no big deal in it.

Read up the tweet thread here:

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