Emtee’s parents call out his baby mama – “This woman only loves him for his money”



SA rapper Emtee has gone through a lot within this month. First was with his record label then to allegedly crashing 2 luxury cars within 2 weeks and now his parents, Phathiswa and Lumkile Ndevu are not in support of relationship his with baby mama.

The rapper’s father, Ndevu revealed to Sunday World on how the rap star’s baby mama, Nicole Chinsamy loves him for his money.

The father also revealed that his wife, Phat and Nicole were involved in a physical fight in March during the second child’s birthday party.

“As we were busy celebrating the party, Nicole’s mother accused my wife of spreading rumours that she [Nicole’s mother] was eating Emtee’s money. There was a big argument and they almost beat each other up. Nicole’s mother told us that we must never set foot in her house, she doesn’t want to see us anymore,” he said.

The father further said that Nicole has killed the love Emtee has for his parents in his heart as he doesn’t visit home nor take his children to his parents house.

“He hardly visits home. He has never brought the kids home for rituals. This woman and her mother have taken total control of our son. We plead with Emtee to get out of that home before it is too late. This woman only loves him for his money,” said Ndevu.

“If Emtee continues to live there, his music career will go down fast. This pains me because it’s like I bore my son to take care of another woman. If he continues to live with Nicole and her family, we will get nothing, we will suffer,” Phathiswa said.

However, Emtee’s father-in-law Derek Chinsamy said the allegations made by Emtee’s parents against his daughter and wife were false.

“It is totally false, it’s not true. This is a private family matter, I would have preferred it to be discussed internally and not in the media. I don’t want to go deeper into these matters, let’s allow these two kids (Emtee and Nicole) to handle their issues. These issues can be resolved in the family because they can be disruptive if handled publicly.” Derek said.

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