Inside Pearl Thusi and Bonnie Mbuli’s heated twar on colourism



Colourism fight between trolls and celebrities is almost summing up to a week but while we thought it’s all going to end with Pearl Thusi’s talks another heated twar rose between the thepian and Bonnie Mbuli.

Both are actresses and of different skin colours which made the twar more heated.

Bonnie said she almost sympathized with the light skinned girls but then she remembered that the black girls suffer more especially in films.

“So when a light-skinned actress complains about the one or two roles they didn’t get because they weren’t dark enough, I’m like but the part your crying about was being the slave who gets raped and beat up in the thing, people who look like you have never had to be in that position to begin with,” Bonnie wrote.

Bon’s tweet stung Pearl as she(Pearl) perceived she was being attacked as a light skinned girl.

The rants upgraded to a heated twar.

Check out tweets from both actresses here:

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