Tbo Touch is set to launch “The Netflix of SA”



Tbo Touch is set to launch SA streaming service which he has dubbed “the Netflix of South Africa”.

Touch said while speaking with TshishaLIVe that, THD24 will go live on July 28 and feature “hours and hours of great local content”. 

“It will work similar to Netflix and have all our current content and eight new shows on video. They are all local, unheard of content. It is hours and hours of great local content. It’s the South African Netflix.”

The service will be free and accessible through the website, THD24.com, or the soon-to-be-launched mobile app.

“The show will feature international guests and local top guests opening up about their lives and inspirations, but it’s done in bed. Enhle will host the show. I didn’t want her to share the spot with anyone.”

It was also gathered by TshsishaLIVE that, Robbie Malinga jnr will be part of the service.

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