Lady Zamar slams cyberbullying on her acne – “Stop this nonsense”



Lady Zamar has once again condemned cyberbullying and she’s poured out her heart in words on social media.

The singer rants in series of tweets against words being uttered especially from fans on celebrities insecurities.

It’s being observed in Zamar’s recent snaps, that she’s battling with acne, but some trolls dragged her and she’s lectured them on the result of their hurtful comments.

“You guys need to understand that what you say from the comfort of your beds and homes is about someone.. haven’t y’all learnt the power of words yet? A singer just committed suicide the other day coz of body issues.. another girl committed suicide coz of her acne.”

“I keep quiet a lot in a lot if these dumb issues ppl bring up about me or involving me coz frankly in many ways they don’t matter in the scope of my career, my passions and my desires… but this matters to me.. ALOT”

“People are dying, people are committing suicide because of these kinda issues and I’ll be damned if I let another stupid comment slide. I love my life, secret or not, public or not but I wake up every day to myself.. Don’t insult me by giving me advice I’ve got ppl for that.’

“There’s God, my family, my friends, my colleagues , my dermatologist and my mirror for that… Whatever reason I have acne, I have acne.. I’m not gon hide it, or walk around ashamed coz of it, it’s a phase it will pass and I’m not gon take your cyber bullying lying down.’

Check out Zamar’s other tweets on cyberbullying her acne here:

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