AKA slams Emtee’s troll – Stop treating him like he’s a child



AKA used the brother code in defending Emtee against trolls on social media.

The rappers have such a cool bond for many years as Emtee once called AKA his idol.

Emtee gave room for Questions and Answers to followers on social media and it turned out that some trolls were all ready to hit him.

A troll questioned if he would be cool to be a part of AKA’s record label.

AKA got tagged repeatedly on Twitter and realised it was because people asked Emtee if he would agree to be signed under AKA, he felt the need to step in.

AKA shut down tweeps for treating Emtee like a child. He said enough was enough, Emtee is a father of two after all.

“Y’all need to stop treating this man with kids like he’s a child. Enough,” he said.

Reactions to AKA’s act of defense be like:

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