K.O – “I have little to no friends in this industry”


K.O has learnt from experience that zero friends is more peaceful than a bunch of friends that might later hurt ones feelings

The rapper rants on Twitter, stating life how he’s lived in the industry with no beef and gave out love in no return.

With all he’s revealed in series of tweets, K.O has basically survived all these years due to his choice of friends.

“I have little to no friends in this industry purely because they all turn ghost when the chips are down – such is life I guess. Zero friends means peace of mind to the headstrong.”

“Protect your legacy by any means! Artists are forced to throw in the towel sooner or later coz this industry gets even harder the longer you stay in it. There’s folks that really want you out! Let your story end the way you envisioned it, not on the devil’s terms,” K.O said.

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