Asanda Foji trolled for her monologue series


Former Generations: The Legacy actress, Asanda Foji shows off her skill on social media and fans seem not impressed as she gets trolled for her monologues.

A video of the star performing a monologue on social media several months back went viral on Monday evening, just days after she tried to show off her presenting skills on the latest episode of her Reality With Asanda vlog series.

In her monologue series she plays a number of roles, including that of a character who has mental illness. She also enacts a scene from the American series ‘Gossip Girl’ and the movie Steel Magnolias-

In the video Asanda can be seen breaking down and crying hysterically on camera. In between tears, she can be heard saying she is so mad and does not know what to do.

Although some were impressed by the actress showcasing her skills range, others suggested that she should be helped while a few cleared the air and gave out the needed support to the actress.

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