Anele Mdoda shoots fire at Phat Joe


Radio personality Anele Mdoda shoots fire at Phat Joe and also took time to trace back his ugly history.

Anele’s anger was triggered on Wednessday after Phat Joe allegedly said on air that: “Anele Mdoda’s appointment as Miss SA 2019 judge panel is affirmative action, just to balance the equation, she knows she doesn’t deserve the position, how is she gonna justify her judgement.”

In series of tweet, Anele dragged Phat, saying she’s got lot of data and time to troll him back for his words.

“I am not even done. I have all day and all the data. He must not try me. Mister make tv productions wait for three hours whilst he walks off set. Where is his dating show ? Why is he not on it ? Angazondi nyela mna. Going at gays because they are strong enough to live their truth,” she added.

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