Read: Lady Zamar’s response to ex, Sjava sets Twitter ablaze


Twitter was awake to the stinging response Lady Zamar dished to Sjava’s harmless tweet.

Sjava tweeted about users’ act of always lamenting on social media about the ongoing troubles in the country without acting towards it, but many of his followers opposed his thought and advised he leads by example.

“The reason why our country izobola and be fucked up it’s because our generation only tweets we don’t come together go out there and take action on ANYTHING!!!!!!” he tweeted.

Interestingly, one of his celebrity follower and ex named Lady Zamar reacted to the tweet fiercely, pointing out that men are the reason behind SA problem as they are fond of breaking women. Though her tweet was captured by fans before taking it down which went viral.

Zamar’s response was a big blow, as many who had no idea on what caused their split, speculated the singer must have being heartbroken by SJava.

However, Sjava was mute in response, but social media users reactions be like:

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