Lady Zamar admits seeing a dermatologist over her acne


Music star Lady Zamar has revealed she is undergoing treatment administered by a dermatologist over her acute acne.

She Love is Blind star shared a video from a rehearsals that showed the true state of her skin which got notable reactions from her followers suggesting a skin product for her to use.

Responding to the comments, Lady said she shared the video intentionally. “I shared this video because my fans who are coming to The Parliament need to see what they’re preparing to come watch. My acne is getting treated thank you very much and no makeup doesn’t perpetuate it at all. I am seeing a dermatologist and no unfortunately I can’t try every product you amazing people suggest.”

Reacting to the negative comments, she said “Don’t worry about haters Zamartians. Don’t worry about negativity because no matter what negative people say, or those who are disgusted, it can’t quicken the process of healing or make the acne disappear. It takes time and it will be weeks and weeks before it disappears. Love you all, haters included.”

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