Jason Goliath calls out Lalla Hirayama over ex-lover’s rape allegations


SA comedian Jason Goliath calls out TV personality Lalla Hirayama on Twitter over rape allegations towards her ex-lover’s.

#AmINext has gone viral for days on social media with women on the streets of mzansi, protesting against inhuman treatment received from men. This protest triggered many women, including celebrities sharing their pieces of ugly treatment received from men.

However, Jason called out Lalla after her former lover named Chris Nkosi was allegedly accused of brutal rape cases.

“Chris Nkosi @Lalla_Hirayama ??? Speak up? My heart is fukken broken” Jason tweeted.

Check below for the rape allegations:

However, fans and few celebrities slammed Jason Goliath for calling out Lalla since she isn’t the culprit and he was urged to take down the tweet which he is yet to oblige.

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