AKA on rift with Nigerians – “I’m a bit sad about it”



AKA reveals he is sad about the ugly state between himself and Nigerians after a heated twar occurred weeks ago.

In the early month of September, xenophobia attack made many Nigerian pour out their outrage to South Africans later leading to hate which affected some celebrities.

AKA happened to be a victim of the hate as an old soccer tweet of his’ resurfaced and people were quick to assume through the tweet that he is in support of Xenophobia.

Since then, Nigerians went hard on Super Mega and he was threatened not to step his feet in Nigeria.

While the issue seem to be swept under the carpet, AKA responded to some Nigerians tweet that he loves the country but he is sad with all of the hate on him.

“I f^ckin’ LOVE Naija you know, always have. Its sad that a misunderstanding about soccer lead us here,” he tweeted.

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