Vatiswa Ndara’s open letter against the Fergusons – Read


Actress, Vatiswa Ndara sends a lengthy open letter to the Min. of Art and Culture, Nathi Mthethwa against celebrity couples, Shona and Connie Ferguson.

In the 6 paged open letter, Vati revealed not returning to season three of hit reality show, iGazi, in which she plays a lead role. This decision was made after receiving the offer given her on mail from the Fergusons; owners of the production house she was employed by.

“Ferguson Films is officially starting iGazi 3 and we would like to offer Vatiswa a global contract for iGazi 3 at R110,000 (before tax) for the duration of the shoot (five weeks). No limit to calls, first call exclusive to us,” read a quote, allegedly from an e-mail by Ferguson Films.

In the letter she breaks down how the R110K will be broken down and at the end of the 5 weeks she will only be receiving a mere R82 500 while the company enjoys the sweet financial benefits.  She called it ‘daylight robbery’ and ‘slavery’.

The Minister has acknowledged receiving the letter on Twitter:

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