Zozibini launches campaign – SA men to write love letter to women

by adejoy Nov 11, 2019

Miss SA 2019, Zozibini Tunzi launches her promised campaign on standing with women in the fight against gender-based violence.

The campaign is in partnership with UN women and it’s got the hashtag, #HeForShe and #MissSALoveLetter.

Taking to social media, the beauty queen revealed:

“Remember that time on the 9th of August when I said I would call on all men to stand with women in the fight against Gender-Based Violence? That day has now come. I am so excited to launch my campaign. Together with @unwomenSA I am challenging you to stand with women.”

“I am asking men to write love letters to the women of South Africa. Those letters will be inscribed onto ribbons of fabric that will be used to form a part of my national costume. So in essence, I will be wearing a love letter from SA men to Women.”

Zozibini further explained in a video clip. Watch below:

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ICYMI here is the exciting live announcement of my Miss Universe advocacy. Remember to pledge by visiting www.heforshe.org Please find the link to the website on my bio. Remember to use the hashtags #HeForShe and #MissSALoveLetter Can I count on you?

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