AKA opens up on how a male fan almost kissed him



SA rapper, AKA narrates how he almost got kissed by a male fan while performing at an event.

While Supa Mega laughed off La Flames incident of slapping a fan for pouring alcohol on him while performing, AKA also gave an account of a fan’s bad side.

The Fela In Versace hitmaker tried to balance the whole story, saying artists are not always at fault, as some fans trigger them to annoyance.

AKA said on Sunday night, while he jumped off stage, he hugged a fan, and in return, the male fan tried kissing him.

The AKA everyone knows, would react negatively immediately, but he displayed growth by letting it slide.

Some of the rapper’s followers though he was lieing, but he repeated his truth saying:

“No jokes!!! The fan guy tried to lamza me. Smh. It was a close one for him. More than anything I couldn’t believe how brave/stupid this person was.”

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