Nadia Nakai defends Faith Nketsi against cyberbullies – “Allow her to grow”



Award-winning rapper, Nadia Nakai defends rising rapper, Faith Nketsi against cyber-bullies.

Faith’s rap game was dragged on Twitter, and most of her lines were jested at also.

However, Nadia acted a sister’s keeper as she shut down hate.

“Y’all really need to stop this hate train on Faith, it’s her first project… allow her to grow dammit!!! She’s just starting… y’all can be so mean!!! Women are such an easy target for y’all on this app… sick of it. Stop,” Nadia tweeted.

A tweep told Nadia that it was all criticism and not hate, but the rapper perceived all as bully. Though, Nadia ain’t against a constructive criticism.

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