Cassper and Shimza oppose AKA’s advice

by adejoy Mar 8, 2020

AKA shook the net with a recent advise shared on Twitter and it’s attracted lots of attention including Cassper Nyovest and DJ Shimza.

Supa Mega said one should be careful of whose advice to digest.

“If someone tries to give you advice, ask yourself … does this person live in the house I want, drive the car I want, or generally live the life I want … if the answer is no, then ask yourself what qualifies this person to dispense ANY sort of advice to you in the first place.” he tweeted.

However, Cassper and Shimza slammed Supa Mega’s take.

Yup! They spend more time at my business so they are best to advise on changes and improvements on the business they don’t own, I value that advise big time!

SHIMZA (@Shimza01) March 8, 2020

Here’s some advice from someone who’s filled up The Dome and successfully crowd surfed geh. Unga’bhekeli Abantu phansi! Ska nyatsa batho laaitie. You can get life changing financial advice from a gardner who’s never owed a car or a house. Success or money doesn’t quantify wisdom.

— R.M Phoolo (@casspernyovest) March 8, 2020

AKA stood his point and backed it up with more talks shared on Twitter;

Waaaaay too many broke, unfulfilled and generally unhappy people offering advice to others.

AKA (@akaworldwide) March 7, 2020

Why the fuck would a teacher be advising me? I left school in 2006.

AKA (@akaworldwide) March 7, 2020

I made my money from years of hard work and making intelligent decisions. I didn’t just … uhm … FALL into money. Lol. If being as successful as I am is ignorant … then hey, that’s what I am then 🙂

AKA (@akaworldwide) March 7, 2020

Get your advice on what you want to achieve … from people who have achieved it. It’s quite simple really🙂

AKA (@akaworldwide) March 7, 2020

If you’re parents are fucked up … no, don’t take advice from them. At all.

AKA (@akaworldwide) March 7, 2020

Ok then guys … take your Dogs to the Doctor and take yourselves to the Vet. 🍻 Cheers!

AKA (@akaworldwide) March 7, 2020

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