Moonchild Sanelly is heartbroken and she needs help



Moonchild Sanelly opens up on Monday evening that she’s heartbroken and needs help to get over the pain.

“I need broken heart pain killers!!! Do those exist?”

The singer wasn’t direct on reason for the heartbreak, however it’s a relationship issue.

“Who else has experienced a partner that says u think ur better coz u get a therapist to better urself in relationships with urself,translating to others Coz when u love urself legit u deal with issues better! U deal with people better! U treat people better and u don’t expect!” She said.

“In relationships u can talk about bein better bt the moment u seek help to be better, the other party tells u,u think ur better than everyone else even though their the only one that finds problems in fact specialize in finding them whatever solution I find! It’s not u, it’s them.”

The singer also spoke about emotional blackmail.

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