AKA rubbishes “Black Out Tuesday” posts – Use your brain


AKA isn’t impressed with the now viral black post uploaded on social media.

Most celebrities, people in SA and across the globe protest on social media by sharing a blank black post. The purpose of this is to support the fight against police brutality, racism, killings, rape and many more horrible incident.

However, AKA comes with a different perspective on social media and he called on people to wake up and use their brain.

“Drowning out actual information with silence and black squares. Wake up. Use your own 🧠,” he said on Instagram.

The rapper also re-tweeted some people’s tweet which is in support with his perception.

“he blackout Tuesday on Instagram doesn’t sit right with me. Why are we being silent? The whole point is to amplify voices at this time. Plus now the BLM hashtag, which featured links, real-time videos of protests & brutality and mutual aid is now full of black screens. A mess.”

“This blackout tuesday bullshit is so counter productive and stupid. Did you think for a second what it would actually acheive except following some bullshit instagram trend. People who have never spoke out or said anything just post a black picture and that’s it? Stupid ass”

“This blackout Tuesday was clearly started by individuals with good intentions, but has been co opted by people and labels looking for an easy way out. These black squares are not helping. They are drowning out images with actual information.”

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