Sjava cheated on Lady Zamar and wife | DNA tests proves he isn’t a baby-daddy


Few weeks ago, a Jozi woman named Mandisa Mtubu* claimed she has a son with the award-winning singer, Sjava; But after a year, he stopped paying child support.

The latest update is that the child isn’t Sjavas’ after doing 2 DNA tests.

The Toga pathology results excluded Sjava from being the biological father of the child.

“The exclusion is based on the fact that he does not show the genetic markers, which have to be present for the biological father of the child at multiple DNA systems. “Therefore, it is practically proven that Mr Jabulani Makhubo is NOT the biological father,” reads the personal paternity test certificate.

In a WhatsApp message revealed by Sunday World, the woman fired the singer; “You are so cruel, now I believe all the stories about you, I don’t even know why I didn’t do [an] abortion. All you did was to ruin my life and give me names. I’m not a whore and I will never be one because you decided.”

Sjava said the woman is attacking him, but he has chosen to go mute.

“I’m under attack, but I don’t want to comment on that matter. But tell her lawyers to send you the results of the paternity tests so that you can write a proper story.”

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