5 strange experiences AKA had this week


The second week in July, 2020, turns out to be one of the strangest for the South African rapper, AKA.

Supa Mega had to personally confess that’s indeed strange.

Here are 5 strange things he experienced.

  1. The rapper trended earlier this week for being signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment record label. This must have been the work of night tweeps, as he knew nothing about it. Twitter users were probably pulling his legs.
  2. Supa Mega didn’t attend his daughter, Kairo Forbes’ 5th year birthday. Wow! We’re talking about her 5th year.
  3. The rapper announced he’s COVID-19 positive. No-one is above the virus, so he urged everyone to keep safe.
  4. AKA was dragged by social media users, believing his COVID-19 status was a publicity stunt. Or, he got paid by the government. and he trended over the issue.
  5. The rap star couldn’t celebrate his mom, Lynn Forbes birthday today, because he’s on isolation

What a week and experience for the rapper He had to tweet it:This week can’t get any stranger: first I sign to Ambitious, now this.

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