Ronald Lamola – Failure to enforce wearing of masks can get you a criminal record



Justice Minister Ronald Lamola says the government had been reluctant to criminalise the non-compliance of wearing masks, but has been left with no choice due to people’s irresponsible behaviour.

On Monday, while responding to a question on whether wearing a mask would attract a criminal record, Lamola said it’s indeed a criminal offence.

“It does not differentiate between a fine and an imprisonment, both of them do give you some kind of a criminal offence. It’s something which we are still dealing with. But at this stage, that is what it is – that is the law.”

“People who have previously defied orders to wear a mask in public, saying it was not the law have risked lives of other members of public and law enforcement officials,” he said.

Lamola warned that if the cabinet does not see any improvement in terms of people’s behavior, and in terms of public education, it will treat individuals who do not wear masks as criminals.

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