Pretoria Central Police Station has been temporarily shutdown



Precautions just flew within the coast of Central Police Station located in Pretoria.

This is as a result of one of its members who tested for COVID-19, leading to a temporary closure of the station.

Relatively, Central Pretoria Station and SAPS Tshwane District Offices will be temporarily closed for decontamination.

The Police said in a statement:

The Community Service Centre will be operating at the same building Auditorium Pretoria Central SAPS, entrance at Bosman Street. However, telephone lines at Pretoria Central SAPS Community Service Centre will not be accessible during closure.”

Meanwhile, Devon Police Station has been reopened following its closure.

The reopening of Devon Police Station has given the community access to the Police Community Service Centre since the station is now fully operational.

However, due to the closure of the Pretoria Central Police station, the Pretoria Central SAPS management knew what’s at stake and apologised for any inconvenience the shutdown might have caused.