6 incredible benefits of papaya for health and skin



Papayas grow in tropical climates and are also known as papaws or pawpaws. Their sweet taste, vibrant color, and the wide variety of health benefits they provide make them a popular fruit.

This is a fruit which you come to love once you develop a taste for it. It is not everyone’s favorite, but those who love it find it hard to get by a morning without digging into a bowl of freshly cubed papayas.

Papayas are a soft, fleshy fruit that can be used in a wide variety of culinary ways.

Here are the 5 incredible benefits of papaya for health and skin:

1. Digestion – The enzyme papain present in papaya is known to aid digestion by breaking down proteins. Therefore, a glass of papaya juice is often recommended as a home remedy for digestion-related problems or constipation. It also prevent constipation and promote a smooth bowel movement.

3. Heart Disease and Cancer – Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants and phyto-nutrients that work against free radicals and therefore is said to protect the body from possible heart diseases and cancer. The fibre, potassium and vitamin content help ward off the risk of heart diseases. Including more papaya in your diet can help keep your heart safe.

4. Diabetes – Many researchers have found that the consumption of raw papaya could help maintain blood sugar level and cholesterol because of the high fiber content, thereby keeping a check on diabetes.

5. Immunity – Papaya is a great source of vitamin A, B, C, and K and is known as an excellent immunity booster. It is great for the growth of body tissues, including hair and skin. It helps in maintaining collagen, the structural protein of connective tissues. It is said that a medium-sized papaya could provide you double your daily requirement of vitamins.

6. Cleansing – Beauty experts too, often suggest using slices of papaya as a natural skin cleanser as the active enzymes work wonders to remove impurities.

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