How to use onion juice to grow your hair



There are people who are naturally gifted with fuller hair, but there are others who constantly battle with falling hair and stunted growth, and it seems like no matter how hard they try to tackle it – The condition will never change.

It is important to note that onion juice has been successfully used for decades to stimulate hair growth, and this is due to the fact that the plant is rich in sulfur.

Sulfur plays a vital role when it comes to hair growth. In fact, it is dubbed the main building block of hair because it improves blood circulation as well as providing the hair follicles with enough nourishment.

Recent studies have also shown that onion is endowed with a lot of anti-bacterial properties, and these anti-bacterial properties are known to help combat scalp infection that contributes to hair loss.

However, it is important to highlight here that according to a 2002 study about the use of onion juice for hair loss published by the Journal of Dermatology, participants who applied onion juice twice daily for the period of two months experienced much better hair re-growth rates compared to those who only used tap water.

In the study, hair regrowth was observed in 87% of patients treated with onion juice. Aside applying onions juice to your hair for rapid growth and stronger hair, eating onions regularly can actually encourage the hair growth process.

The more onions you eat by adding them to your diet, the more your chances of having a healthy hair. Although eating onions is not as effective as applying onion juice to the hair.