Pineapple prices surge as South Africans resort to home-made booze


The price of pineapples has risen dramatically, with reports if increases of up to 150% since the reinstatement of the ban on alcohol sales.

Retailers said there was an unexpected surge in demand for pineapples as South Africans resorted to home brews amid the prohibition on booze.

With South Africans have turned to amateur brewing again while pineapple suppliers and wholesalers are cashing in on their desperation for a drink.

Wendy Knowler, a consumer journalist had this to say:

They were selling for a box of 10 for R80 up until the announcement, and the very next day they had shot up to R120 and by last Friday it was R200 a box. So, the timing cannot be a coincidence.”

The unexpected surge in demand for pineapples first occurred three months ago when the country went into hard lockdown under level 5 in March.

Pineapples are South Africa’s go-to brewing ingredient of choice because it contains lots of sugar, and its skin is packed with natural yeasts which make it easy to ferment.

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