Sjava shares rare throwback photos of himself



Social media users are still in doubts as Sjava shares two throwback photos of himself.

According to him, he claims it was from when he was younger.

Many are still reeling from seeing a fresh-faced and beardless Sjava.

Sjava posted the two photos on Twitter and Instagram and they immediately trended.

The musician did not seem to realise the fuss he had caused with the post.

In the Insta post, he claimed the pictures were from 2008.

He captioned the pictures on Twitter:

“Guga mzimba sala nhliziyo in my times. Good morning nibe nosuku oluhle.” (“The body can age but the heart will always stay the same, in my times. Good morning, have a lovely day.”) 

Many couldn’t even believe it was the famous crooner until they spotted the tell-tale mole on just above his lip.

Others were still convinced that the mole was a coincidence and that the man in the pictures could not possibly be their fave.

However, twitter users who are still in disbelief took to the comment section to get clarification.

Twitter user robzinterris said: “So this is you vele Sjava?”

Katlego_Ngubane said: “Hai angeke kudlaliwe ngathi.” (“No ways, he’s messing with us.”)

Basi_GS said: “So this beard is hiding those massive ears, my leader.”

Mindprecision said: “Call me weird but somehow I always though Sjava was born old

PhilisiweCodi said: “And wawusashisa Hlub’elihle kodwa ke akusenani” (And you were so hot, but anyway it is what it is)

SuperXolani said: “Uban futhi lo?” (Who is this supposed to be?)

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