3 things your finger length could say about your personality



Although our appearance comes from genetics, some parts of our body can reveal interesting information about our personalities.

Studies have shown that relatively high levels of exposure to testosterone (the male sex hormone) in the womb can slow the growth of your index fingers, leaving you with a greater difference in length between your index and ring fingers – having direct impact on the formation of the personality.

Guys often have a greater difference in digit ratio — women, who tend to be exposed to less testosterone and more of the female hormone estrogen in the womb, usually have less of a difference in length between those fingers.

We have found this research to be very interesting and prepared this simple test for you.

To check this test, look at your left hand and compare your index and ring fingers and then find which hand image below looks like yours.

1. The index finger is shorter than the ring finger.

People with the ring finger longer than the index finger are often very attractive, charismatic, and charming. They have excellent communication skills and know how to get attention and keep it. They are risk-takers and it often pays off. If something doesn’t quite go to the plan, they don’t get discouraged, because there is always another way.

This is why they normally excel in anything they choose to do. They are high achievers and always set high targets. Some might call them too aggressive, but they don’t mean be, they just can’t help it. We can only blame that high level of testosterone for it.

2. The index finger is longer than the ring finger.

People with the ring finger slightly shorter than the index finger are very confident and quite self-sufficient. They are good leaders and are natural at leading the pack. They are calm and even-tempered, nothing can make them lose face.

They are normally not people who take the first step, whether it is a new business or a relationship. However, when they do, they stay with it and they like to be in charge. They have a very analytical mind and always think about all possible outcomes before making any decisions. They don’t like being spontaneous.

3. The index and ring fingers are the same length.

People with the index and ring fingers of about the same length, are very caring, well-balanced, peaceful, and down to earth. They have very gentle personalities and try to avoid any conflict situations and risks. Uncertainty makes them feel very uncomfortable.

They are very good friends and always ready to help others. They are very loyal and faithful, whether it is at work, in a friendship, or in a relationship, you can always rely on them. They are very positive and see something good in every situation.