Chris Brown reacts to twitter ‘Verzuz’ debate against Usher



Singer Chris Brown took to his social media to respond to fans on their request to go into a singing competition with Usher Raymond.

Chris Brown and Usher were trending on twitter which was tagged as the “Verzuz” debate.

However, fans on social media have been pushing the debate while trying to figure out who would emerge victorious if the two went up against each other.

The Fine China singer came across the conversation and responded in the cheekiest of ways.

Sharing his thoughts on Instagram, Brown said he could do a Verzuz of features all alone.

“Only Verzuz I’m going to do is Chris Brown vs Chris Breezy. Not in competition with nobody but myself,” Brown said. In another post, he declined the offer, saying he was busy doing nothing.

He wrote: “I could do a vs of features alone. So I’ll humbly decline. I’m busy doing nothing.”

However, Brown did not see any reason to go up against Usher and according to him, he is 10 times better than Usher.

Due to his statement, his fans feel he might lose the battle.



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