Nomzamo Mbatha sets to return to America, feels unhappy about it



Nomzamo Mbatha has voice out on how sad she is leaving South Africa.

She stated that she is unhappy that she is saying goodbye to home soil once again to return to her big life back in America.

This coronavirus left many stranded, some happier where they were and others not so much but Nomzamo was lucky enough to be with her family.

However, Nomzamo has just a few days left in South Africa before she jumps on a plane and goes back to her life in America.

Nomzamo made the big move to America to further her career.

While she left SA, her heart will always be here.

Mzansi is her home and nothing will change that.

Taking to social media, a very emotional Nomzamo let her followers know that she only has a short time left in her home country.

Now that the virus is allowing for life to slowly move on, Nomzamo has to get back to the grind and make her dreams a reality.

“Last couple of days in South Africa. Thankful for the blessings and lessons of so many beautiful moments that I treasure. Getting to see the faces that mean ‘home’ and getting to eat everything that my heart desires. “But, someone has to open the windows at my other home in LA (NOT… work beckons )… Anyway, this was me today! Feeling my little self.” 



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