Man rapes 14-year old boy



40 year old man allegedly rapes teenage boy

The man was said to be drunk and had stumbled when the teenager saw him. His intent was to help the man but the man turned evil against him,  dragged him to an abandoned house and raped him.

The teenager reported the case to the police and the man was later arrested and charged with rape. He is to appear at the Kabokweni Magistrate’s Court on Friday.

Allegations are that the teen, 14, was walking in Pienaar, Mpumalanga on Wednesday around 7pm when he came across the accused lying in the road.

The teen tried helping the man to his house because he knew him and they both live in the same neighbourhood.

According to Brigadier Leonard Hlathi of the Mpumalanga Police, while the two were walking, they came across an abandoned building and the man dragged the boy inside, tore his clothes and allegedly raped him.

After the rape the boy rushed home and told his parents what had happened.

“When he related his ordeal to his parents, the boy indicated that he actually spotted this man known to him, lying down helplessly and helped him get up.

“He then innocently walked with him for a short distance. However, the very same man he became a Good Samaritan to, turned evil against him, forced him into an old abandoned house and raped him.

“The parents then reported the matter to the police hence the arrest of the suspect and his subsequent appearance before court ,” he said.

Meanwhile, a 14-year-old boy is on the run after his 9-year-old girl cousin was raped, in Pienaar.

Hlathi said the suspect had gone to her grandmother’s house to check on his mother who had recently moved there as she has a newborn.

Provincial Commissioner Lieutenant General Mondli Zuma has raised his concern regarding “lack of morals by some men, who continue perpetuating abominable and vicious acts of sexual assault against minors and women”.

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