Lady Zamar speaks on gender based violence



Lady Zamar took to her twitter handle to voice out on issues concerning gender based violence.

She stated that the topic is not only prevalent in Mzansi but something that has turned her life upside down and she understands what these women are going through.

Seeing all the women in South Africa and all over the world who have been victims of gender-based violence and even those who are fearful of becoming victims, is truly heart breaking.

Lady Zamar feels that it is her duty as a woman and a human being to stand up and use her voice to speak out for those who are not able to.

Having allegedly been a victim herself, Lady Zamar understands what these women are going through and how hard it can be to come forward about it.

Taking to social media, Lady Zamar shared a lengthy post in which she went deep into the discussion of gender-based violence and urged others to take a stand against it too.

Lady Zamar received some major backlash when she went public about Sjava and now knows what women go through when trying to expose their abusers.

We need to start believing women and stop judging them for being strong enough to come forward. These men need to be stopped.

Women are precious and right now something must be done. To every man out there, do your best to protect the women in your life.” 

Lady Zamar reminded all the victims out there that they are not alone and that there is always someone willing to listen among those who are judging. Speak out!


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