Hawks to hand over Norma Gigaba’s case to police


After Gigaba’s appearance in court on Monday, the Hawks will hand over her case to police.

Questions are flying in the air about why the elite unit would investigate matters like assault and malicious damage to property.

The case has been brought by her husband Malusi Gigaba and another man, but it appears there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Some informants in Hawks have confirmed Norma Gigaba is being investigated for allegedly conspiring to murder her husband, but the unit’s spokesperson won’t confirm this.

The only thing that was said is that the recently opened malicious damage to property and assault case will be handed over to a police detective after Norma’s court appearance.

However, this does explain why the unit initially handled these relatively minor charges.

It followed a video that was exposed some days ago, showing a Mercedes Benz G-class which had been badly damaged.

Norma allegedly scratched the luxury SUV.

The vehicle belongs to Malusi’s friend, Peterson Siyaya.

It was posted on his Instagram account as far back as 2018.

Siyaya is also a complainant in the case against Norma.

You may wonder who Peterson Siyaya is; he appears to be a National Union of Mine-workers member – who had previously been arrested and later released on charges related to the murder of AMCU members in the North West.

The information about Siyaya is very little, apart from his Instagram account.

It was also known that he and the former ministers are longtime friends and ANC comrades.

Some days before his car was damaged, Siyaya posted a picture of himself with his friend.

He commented:

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than alone in the dark.”

It is unknown how Siyaya fits into the Gigabas’ marital problems.

Neither Siyaya nor the Gigabas could be reached for comment.

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