Manaka slams women ‘prostituting’ to get money from their partner



Most women are known to be too dependent on their spouse, however, actress Manaka Ranaka has come out to attack women who feel entitled to their partner’s money.

The Legacy actress slammed women, ask them to be independent and get their own coins.

This is coming after a fierce debate erupted on social media after a screenshot of a conversation where a man asked for bank account details before a phone number went viral.

Several people shared their views on this being the “norm”, with one person saying women should not be looking for handouts.

Joining the conversation, Manaka said she agreed that women should work for their own coins and that they should not feel entitled to other people’s money

“I can’t stand girls that feel entitled to other kids’ money,” she said.

She added that doing so was basically “prostituting” yourself.

“These girls think men have become employment instead they don’t see how they are prostituting themselves in the name of mojolo,” she wrote.

Also responding to the viral screenshot recently, comedian Celeste Ntuli said there needed to be an open discussion on women who “prostitute themselves” to get things from men.

“We must get rid of the mentality of wanting money from a man,” she told a follower.

However, Celeste dismissed suggestions that lobola should then go, because it is seen by some as a tradition of paying for a bride and a husband taking ownership of her.

“You are pushing it! Lobola comes after you have met and spent some time with someone that you love. Culture must remain culture, it is like a ring on the white wedding. All we need to do is to cut the white wedding because it’s not our culture and it is costly. A traditional wedding is still a wedding,” she said.

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