Do you know shaving your face makes you look younger?



The thought of shaving your face seemed weird, right? But after experiencing the benefits, you will wish you stared sooner.

Have you heard about dermaplaning lately? I would be surprised if you hadn’t, because this facial treatment is very trendy at the moment!

While it sounds complex and scientific, “dermaplaning” is just a fancy dermatology term for shaving your face but there’s a little more to it than that.

After reading up about dermaplaning and the benefits of shaving your face, you’ll definitely love to give it a try! Shaving your face might seemed a bit strange, but when you do, you’ll surely love how soft and smooth your skin looks!

Here are the amazing benefits of shaving your face:

  • Makeup is easier to apply

Clearing your face of both dark hairs and peach fuzz can make it easier to put on makeup! Your foundation will glide smoothly and easily onto your hair-free face. Some women even say they end up using less makeup because it’s so easy to apply and blend!

  • Get clearer skin

In addition to removing hair, shaving also helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. This makes it much harder for dead skin to buildup over time and cause breakouts. It’s a great way to incorporate regular exfoliation into your beauty routine!

  • Skincare products are more effective

Another benefit of shaving is that it can make your skincare products work better. The exfoliating effect of shaving allows products to dive deep into your skin to deliver vitamins, antioxidants, and other beneficial ingredients. And if your products work better, you can use less which will save you money over time.

  • It’s an easy alternative

There are plenty of options out there for removing hair and dead skin from your face, right? Plucking, waxing, dermaplaning, threading… this list goes on! But the advantage of shaving is that you can do it quickly and cheaply in your own home. Plus it doesn’t hurt, which is more than you can say about waxing and plucking!

  • It gets rid of dark hairs

You know those pesky dark, thick hairs that sprout out of various locations on your face and neck? Shaving is a quick way to get rid of them! And it’s often quicker than hunting each one down and plucking them individually.

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